How stress affects decision making

Feeling stressed changes how people weigh risks and rewards during the decision-making process. When under stress people focus more on the possible positive outcomes. Strangely. when under stress, the natural tendency is to pay greater attention to positive information, while discounting negative information, according to research published in Current Directions in Psychological Science. This means when …

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Quiet Quitting

Quiet Quitting

Does this buzz term reflect a shift in thinking about work culture and engagement? “Quiet quitting” is a term that has sprung up in recent months and has seen plenty of commentary on various forums from TikTok to major news platforms such as The Economist and NPR. Since most of these sources are based in …

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The Importance of Having a Personal Leadership Philosophy

One foundation of great leaders is having and understanding their own leadership mindset philosophy — a set of beliefs, values, and personal rules related to the kind of leader they aspire to. This foundation will drive the workplace environment and culture of the team the leader leads, whether this is a four-person department or a …

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