We don't drift in good directions. We discipline and prioritize ourselves there.

Andy Stanley – Principal of the Path

Manager to Leader Journey

Manager to Leader Journey

How does the organisation benefit?

  • Develop well rounded leaders with aptitude and attitude to lead in a rapidly changing world.
  • Strengthen the leadership pipeline
  • Investing in your managers and people has a direct impact on improving customer engagement, reducing safety incidents & reducing absenteeism.
  • Assess learning aptitude as a key determinant of success

Who should be on this Journey?

  • New or experienced managers who are technically proficient but lack management and leadership skills
  • Managers who nee to up their game and embrace influence not just positional authority
  • An existing manager who wants to! (Motivation to grow and learn is a sure indicator of future fitness)

Journey Content

What do Manager to Leader participants say?

“The self-awareness path was well-curated and well crafted to take you from yourself to your people.”
– Jacques Budler
“I now feel better dealing with uncomfortable issues.”
– Stephen Mulenga
"I learnt how to prioritise and how I see myself in the future."

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