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The Problem

We were looking for training that did not just follow a once-off session approach on specific topics, but rather a process that teaches our staff leadership skills over time and afford them the opportunity to put those skills into practice, get feedback and enable them to incrementally practice those skills and improve.

The Solution

At the beginning of 2023, we contacted Inspired Leadership to evaluate possibilities of teaching the skill of active listening more widely to our staff, and especially those who lead others. This conversation evolved into exploring Inspired Leadership’s Manager to Leader course.

In 2024 we will be continuing to go with this investment. Our current cohort will now move on to Path two – Leading others, but we will also commence an additional cohort on Path one. Furthermore, we are also expanding focus with empowering our people with several of our staff signing up for the Emerging Leaders course, that is focused on those with leadership potential that are not managing others yet.


The Impact

In May of 2023, we enrolled several of our staff who then commenced the course on Path one – Leading Self. Our participants completed this path towards the end of the year and we couldn’t be more delighted about the impact this has had on both the leaders attending the training, but most importantly, the staff that they managed.

The Results

In our year-end general staff engagement survey, we received great feedback from our staff on this investment. 

Our employees specifically noted that their managers are better at empowering them, listening to their feedback and more effective at providing them with honest feedback and focused coaching. The intention of managers has been rated very highly and we have also seen the level and pace of execution rise. Our attendees have also expressed how they are now better equipped in managing their teams and driving a high-performance culture.


We are greatly appreciative of the team at Inspired Leadership and the strongest partnership we have built in 2023. I would highly recommend these courses. I’ve personally not only seen the effectiveness in our managers improve firsthand, but also the growth for them as individuals. – Product Executive 

Participant Feedback:

Have you experienced improvements in how your manager manages you and / or your team over the last 4-5 months?

improvements in your manager
Manager improvement

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