You can only start to achieve your full potential when you realise that the only thing stopping you is YOU.

Debbie Anderson

Emerging Leader Journey


Who should be on this Journey?

  • Young or inexperienced talent with potential for increased leadership responsibilities
  • Young leaders looking to increase their readiness for leadership appointment
  • Functional or technical experts who needs to grow their leadership and influence but do not want to be managers

How does the organisation benefit?

  • Develop well rounded leaders with aptitude and attitude to lead in a rapidly changing world.
  • Strengthen the leadership pipeline
  • Retain key talent and high potentials with experiential & personalised learning journeys
  • Assess learning aptitude as a key determinant of success

Journey Content

Keen to find how to bring this innovative blended learning approach into your company?

“This course has been life-changing for me. I remember the first module we had to have a chat with our manager and we both agreed that the material we are learning about should be learned by everyone, not only emerging leaders.”
– Shoneez Merckel
“My experience on this learning journey has been invaluable. My EQ has grown leaps and bounds not only in dealing with the work environment but also skills I have used in my private life as well. The size of the cohort is also ideal because it is not too big, which allows for better engagement from every participant, no one feels left out.”
– Ike Thabethe
“The biggest impact was emotional intelligence and learning how to organise my professional and personal life.”
– Mondli Dlamini

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