Inspired Leadership

Even if you have positional authority, an inspirational leader doesn't need to leverage it.

Angela de Longchamps

How the Journey works

How the Journey works

We offer development and growth for those who believe in maximizing human potential.

Our secret sauce is the Inspired Leadership Methodology.

We have a unique blend of consistent learning, application, reflection, coaching, and feedback that inspires people to grow. Learning to lead is not an overnight skill. It takes time. We walk the journey with you.

Blended learning

No one completes e-learning on their own. 

Initial enthusiasm quickly dwindles. We blend face to face, a variety of on-line learning methods with application and reflection. Accountability to learn and apply is monitored by the learning peer group & facilitator.

Digitally Enabled

Our technology partner:

 A New Spring brings a clean, simple mobile-friendly platform that we can brand to your company. We leverage the unique features of memo training and 360-degree feedback to enhance and embed learning

Facilitated workgroup

We can train your facilitators or leverage our certified facilitators to conduct learning, reflection, and application sessions. These face to face or virtual connections create accountability, community & network. As people, we like to learn from others and share experiences. We need to connect, not just be connected.


Each module has various real-world application challenges. 

Participants need to record what they have done and reflect on what worked and what didn’t, what the impact was, and what gaps they have & discuss these in the regular facilitated group sessions.

Advancing through levels

We all like to feel like we are progressing.

The Inspired Leadership Journeys have levels and participants are rewarded and recognised for completing each level with a certificate, manager 1:1, and company-specific awards. Leader boards & social engagement on the platform encourages and spurs on progress.

Measurable Impact

Inspiring Leaders starts and ends with 270 or 360-degree feedback. 

Participants select peers and people they lead, as well as their manager, to give them feedback on the Essential Characteristics of Emerging Leaders or Managers. The post-assessment, as well as group attrition, engagement, performance, and bench strength, demonstrate the impact

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