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Financial Wellbeing – Your relationship with money

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Your relationship with money reflects your relationship with yourself. It’s not about judging your current money habits, but about understanding the underlying stories and emotions that drive them. From there, you can cultivate a more mindful and intentional approach to managing your finances.

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Healing previous money trauma requires accepting your current status, and forgiving yourself, before moving forward with a deliberate strategy. This involves asking for help and being accountable. Hoping things will work out is not a responsible strategy. 

"Hope is not a strategy!"

Having a budget appeals to savers, having a spending plan appeals to spenders. Same difference, different words! Know what you are, and what your partner is. Money is at the heart of relationship strife. Get help to get on the same page, otherwise money can make you tear the book apart! Use the attached spending plan, which could help you start 2024 off with more intention.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Creating a dashboard that reflects your current financial position (ugly truth) is. 

Coming up with your future state (vision/your why or compelling reason to change)

Using the snowball effect of paying off small debts to build the momentum to pay off bigger debts is a good step 3

Accountability and assessing who your money influences are
(the people you hang out with) can help you achieve your goals or distract you from them.

If you would like financial wholeness 1:1 coaching, please connect with for a free consultation,
 just mention Inspired Leadership!

Financial Stress Quote - Inspired LeadershipThe organisation needs to provide bother Preventative Wellbeing Support AND Restorative Wellbeing Programs.

As HR it is our role to highlight this need and provide solutions for the business.

Examples of Preventative Wellbeing:

1. Helping employees learn to manage themselves, become more self-aware and awake to the tools they have access to.
2. For managers, help them Create a Culture of Wellbeing in their teams and help them lead their people, not just manage the outputs.
3. Restorative support includes financial counselling, knowledge of the counselling and psychological services available to them and their families; temporary disability policy; debt management services etc.

If your expenses are slimmed to the max and you are still struggling – the only option you have is to increase your income. You, as an individual need to take action to increase your value to your organisation (Improve your performance and/or increase your value (skills & scope)) or consider a side hustle or move to a higher paying job. Organisations where this is “common place” need to reconsider their policies with regards to achievement of clear outcomes versus strict working hours, and consider how to make it possible for employees to diversify their income streams AND access development opportunities that provide potential for job growth

If you are looking to raise your excel skills, so that you can manage your money with more comfort, reach out to our partners at Excel Academy

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If you are looking to proactively assess if your company benefits are in line with best practice, feel free to reach out to Johan Gouws


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