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Financial Freedom – Cheryl Benadie

It’s time to change your money story.

Your current relationship with money is essentially a reflection of your relationship with yourself. Money, although an intangible thing, affects your heart.

Money doesn’t have thoughts and emotions. You have thoughts and emotions. Money doesn’t have beliefs and values. You have beliefs and values.

Money doesn’t have a character, a personality or habits. You have a character, a personality and peculiar habits. Building wealth starts with building you.

We all know what we should do with money:
  1. Spend less than you earn
  2. Eliminate debt
  3. Invest for our future

These ‘simple’ rules of money management seem impossible because most financial education ignores the head and heart connection.

We feel ‘broken’, foolish and incompetent when we try to follow the rules but we can’t seem to make it work. We are unaware of the hidden barriers that live in our subconscious that are sabotaging our best efforts.

In her recent book, Managing Money in the Real World, which is the same name as the financial literacy course she runs, Cheryl Benadie shares her wholeness approach to money management.

Relationships, career and finances – they are all interconnected.

Some of the topics explored in this Managing Money in the Real World programme:

  • Decoding your unique money story and giving yourself permission to rewrite the script;
  • An invitation into the Hero’s Journey, where you embrace the real adventure happening in front of us every day;
  • A guide on crafting your purpose statement so that money management takes on new meaning;
  • Practical guides on creating a spending plan, living with frugality and building daily habits that will help you achieve your financial targets; and
  • Keys that money masters use to integrate money management into their whole, free, full lives.

It’s time to change your money story.

Cheryl Benadie is an inspirational keynote speaker who delivers thought-provoking presentations that challenge audiences to harness their innate power and become the heroes in their own lives. A former money fool, she broke out of a downward spiral of debt and now shares her holistic approach to financial mastery to anyone who will listen!  Her experience as a higher education fundraiser at four of the top ten South African universities has provided her with keen insights into the work readiness skills gaps of graduates, especially first generation professionals. Inspiring professionals to be whole, free and future fit is her life’s mission:

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