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Hug a small business today

Everyone should make friends with an entrepreneur. Building a business is both terrifying and exhilarating. No experience can prepare you & the ride is like a roller-coaster with high highs and low lows. The resilience it takes to keep on going is unlike anything I have experienced before. The resilience to persevere through this season of COVID is on another level completely. Make it your mission to virtually hug an entrepreneur today! Regardless of where you live, who is running your country, or the state of your economy, small businesses that become bigger businesses will be at the heart of economic recovery & growth. Hug a small business today!

Participant story

In the early part of an Inspired Leadership Journey, we work exclusively on self-awareness. At the heart of leading others is the ability to lead oneself. We challenge learners to consider their anchors in life, the voices that shape them, and to chart a time-line that is their history. This is a deeply personal experience and can and has been life-changing. Participants who spend their days testing software, or developing business processes seldom take the time to reflect and think about what has made them who they are.

One participant shared his values and the stories that shaped him in a discussion forum on the Inspired Leadership platform:

I am born and bred in a semi-rural area. Being born there was a blessing in that my character and personality traits were shaped and honed at an early age. One of the first lessons that was taught to me, was respect. The concept of respect being earned was, for a long time, foreign to me. I was taught that respect is an intricate part of who we are and we have to respect everyone without any expectations of reciprocation because in doing that we are in essence respecting ourselves. 

My second lesson was responsibility, I learned that through herding calves. I learned that I was not only responsible for myself but I was responsible for others because if by mistake these calves were to run and feed on their mothers there wouldn’t be any milking of cows for the day. As a result, we will all go hungry, as milk was an essential part of food in the family.

My third lesson was the need to value and appreciate things, some of which may be regarded as just normal things. Part of my upbringing required that we fetch water from wells as there was no supply of water through taps. This made every drop of water very precious. 

What are the values that shape who you are?

Decision making under stress

It would be fair to say that we are all under an unusually high amount of stress! We might be so used to it now that it feels normal. But take head… there is an impact of stress on your decision-making ability. Read this blog from Author and Inspired Leadership Channel Partner Steven Howard on the Impact of Stress on Decision Making.

Council of Coaches

We welcome Shelli Hendricks to the Channel Partner team. Shelli is featured in this Forbes Coaches Counsel article on Rekindling the Passion entrepreneurs need to keep on keeping on! Shelli is the Founder and CEO of Blue Horizon Solutions

Virtual Connects

The Virtual Connect Calendar for November is up and ready for registrations.  #VirtualConnects are free 60 minute, facilitator-lead virtual classes. A great way to get to know us & learn. Share this opportunity with your organization & team.

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