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Channel Partner Information

Watch the video and read more to find out if becoming a Channel Partner is for you.

First up, you need to know what a Channel Partner is & what would be expected from you?

The Channel Partner is a certified role. As a Channel Partner, you would position & sell Inspired Leadership offerings to existing and potential clients.  Channel Partners are equipped with marketing material, product knowledge and coaching support to enable success.

Why be a Channel Partner with Inspired Leadership?

  • You want to take a unique leadership development learning approach to your clients with the hard work of creating compelling, digitally enabled and interactive content already done.
  • You are in a related or complementary discipline e.g. coaching, product or sales training or consulting & need an approach that creates measurable impact & tangible results but doesn’t rely 100% on your knowledge, experience or time.
  • You are a traditional leadership development consultant, facilitator or coach and need to future fit your toolbox with a digitally enabled, blended learning journey.

What will it take to certify as a Channel partner?

  • You will work through a self-directed learning journey, to understand the various elements of the Inspired Leadership methodology and product. The journey concludes with an assessment which needs to be passed, this ensures that you meet the certification criteria.

  • Accessing & working through the Channel Partner Certification Journey requires a once-off investment of USD199.

Download the criteria for certification & the Business in a Box brochure

What is the business case for you?

If you are both the channel partner and the facilitator you can make at least 100% mark-up on the license fee (per learner). You will also have the flexibility to price the product for your clients, your industry, your market.

Certified Level 1 Channel Partner:

  • Inspired Leadership certification badge for your website, business cards, signature and on proposals.
  • Access to the knowledge portal for Channel Partners. This portal has all the latest brochure-ware, marketing material, example proposals & contracts, costing structures etc.
  • Part of a global community of Channel Partners

Certified Level 2 Channel Partner:

(after successfully selling and deploying an Inspired Leadership journey),

  • Customised Inspired Leadership brochures which include your logo and company profile.
  • Profiled on the recommended Channel Partners on the Inspired Leadership website.
  • Eligible to receive qualified sales leads

Time & cost commitment:

Certification is a self-driven learning approach. It can take between 2 and 6 hours plus preparing for and completing the assessment. The special introductory certification cost is USD 199.

Channel Partners will invest varying amounts of time in the business development and sales effort, but after the participants are identified, an Inspired Leadership facilitator takes over the deployment of the journey (Channel Partners may also facilitate their own Journeys & be both the Channel Partner and the facilitator). As a Channel Partner, there is a fixed license cost per learning seat sold. No further certification costs.

Keen to Certify?

Book a one-to-one meeting with CEO and Founder Angela de Longchamps to establish if what you want and what we have, and what we want and what you have are a good fit. If we are aligned, you will be invited to the Certification Learning Journey and can begin your Certification!

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