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Why Managers Are Uncomfortable Giving Performance Feedback

One area of particular weakness in mid-level leaders and new supervisors that I have noticed in my 25 years of international leadership development training and coaching is their inability to give relevant, useful, and beneficial feedback. In fact, giving feedback is one of the greatest fears of new leaders at all levels of an organization. […]

Emotional Intelligence Is Important Now More Than Ever

It has been said that E.Q. is more important than I.Q. and in today’s ever-changing world leaders must have the emotional intelligence to lead people. It is always a sad situation to watch a person with a high intelligence remain stuck on the ladder of success because he/she has never developed the awareness and social […]

Better Humans: The (really hard) “business case” for EQ

The author, inspirational speaker, and leadership visionary Simon Sinek posted a video recently, which critiqued the use of the term soft skills. As a learning and development professional, this really spoke to a common bugbear of mine and pretty much all my HR-related colleagues. We used those scare quotes almost like a nervous tic because […]

Creating the “culture” you want

You’re a leader in a large organization with a whole lot of “rules”–both in writing and unwritten–about how people “should” behave.  More than likely, there are parts of the culture that are healthy (let’s hope so, or your business won’t be around for long!). Unfortunately, there are also the “sticky” parts–the “acceptable” behaviors that often […]

6 Questions your leadership development providers are hoping you don’t ask, but you should!

One of the top challenges facing South African HR organisations right now is the looming deadline of completing your Workplace Skills Plan (WSP). You need to be responsive to the here and now and balance critical and scarce skills demands with looking far enough down the line to make informed strategic accredited training recommendations. An […]

Kindness and Accountability

Empathy and compassion appear to be just what the doctor ordered as organizations re-group, re-think and re-organize. As human beings, our call is to kindness. Kindness to ourselves and each other. The more people I speak to the more I hear the mantra: I am crazy busy and exhausted. The 2020 call to self-compassion and […]

Building Video Resilience

2020 ended with a lot of deeply fatigued workers. Did 2021 change anything? Not specifically, but as we always do at the end of a year, we expect things to change with the hanging of a new calendar. So what are you doing to change things proactively? I spend a lot of time in Zoom/ […]

Productive Kindness

As I write this I am at the bedside of my father who fell and is now admitted to hospital with broken ribs and a broken wrist. My father is in his eighties and is frail both mentally and physically and I am responsible for his day-to-day care. Typically when I say I have this […]

Transition Traps

Research over the years has consistently shown that over 60% of all new supervisors and managers fail to make an effective transition from being an individual contributor to their new leadership roles. Why is this so? Remarkably, because the large majority of first-time supervisors are thrown into the deep end of the pool, with little […]

Inspired Leadership News

This year we are introducing greater value to the Inspired Leadership Community through showcasing events, articles & points of view from our rapidly growing partner and alliance network. In order to create more value to you and your organization, we will be bringing you insights, options and events that will help you lead your organization […]

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