To become a Certified Inspired Leadership Channel Partner, you will need to:

  • Fully understand the purpose and value of Inspired leadership Journeys, and be able to articulate what makes it special and different.
  • Understand the design and methodology and be able to articulate it for clients, in line with the values of Inspired Leadership.
  • Be able to present the Information Session presentation in a compelling & inspiring way.
  • Be aware of what the customisation options are and what flexibility there is in deployment approach.
  • Be familiar and comfortable with the pricing structure, invoicing, cancellation and contracting process.
  • Be familiar and comfortable with the product & services (SLA) that are provided by IL and by yourself as the channel partner, as well as the services expected from the facilitator and client.
  • Sign the ILD Commercial Agreement which includes signing that you are in good financial standing.
To find out more about becoming a channel partner, complete this form and we will be in touch.

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