The quality of your leaders is the single biggest factor in your organisation’s long-term success.

Inspired Leadership is about creating sustainable behaviour change, so that the leaders in organisations step up and stand out. Face-to-face or online training programs, on their own, have limited impact. We decided to fix that.

We built a cost effective, compelling, interactive, application based leadership development journey. We stem attrition & increase engagement with high touch & high tech blended learning for managers & leaders who need to be Inspired Leaders.


High potential future managers, functional experts and early career professionals all need to build essential leadership skills and experience to bridge the gap between high expectations and realistic promotions and appointments. We stand in that gap. Inspired leadership high tech & high touch four-month paths, join together to form a sustainable journey of development that prepares people to inspire and influence with or without formal authority.


Organisations are benefitting from an influx of enthusiastic, digitally fluent and purpose driven young people. Traditional management practices and styles quickly grind the life out of them. If you want to capitalize on the talent of your people, equip and expect your managers to be Inspired Leaders. Inspired Leadership Journeys do just that. We bring the latest management and leadership thinking to your managers using feedback; high impact & short duration, face to face group facilitation & digital learning that challenges continued application every step of the way.

What makes Inspired Leadership different?

We are there for the journey, not just the day. Our certified channel partners and facilitators commit to walking with your leaders as they try, fail, stretch, stumble and learn. We are all passionate about preparing leaders practically and sustainably. We love the concept of on-line-learning, but we know that people seldom complete what gets started and initial enthusiasm lapses with time. We love face to face facilitation and the huge benefits it brings, but get frustrated when we can’t see the longer term application and integration of what was learnt.

Inspired Leadership brings the best of both worlds. Small cohorts of learners that meet regularly with a facilitator creates the accountability and space to ask questions, discuss and try out skills. New concepts, thinking and workplace challenges are shared over the digital platform using every possible digital tool! The reflection and application journal integrates the journey and prompts application, reflection and consolidates learning. We know we have something very special, high touch, high tech and high impact

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