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Are you frustrated with all of the focus being on the change that we are going through and not focussing on how you be #GREAT for change? In this session, we will be discussing what it means to “re-abilitate” yourself for change but more importantly, you will create an action plan to get the #GREAT results you are used to getting by challenging your thinking!

  • Debbie Anderson
  • Debbie Venables
Re-Abilitating Yourself for Change
8am(USA) 1pm(UK) 2pm(SA) 5.30pm(India) 10PM(Australia)

Debbie is an experienced Human Resources and Organisational Development leader. She started Think Eunoia to be able to have a positive impact the lives of her clients that are going through change and want to thrive through and after the change.

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2020-11-12 14:00
2020-11-12 15:00

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