Courage is a skillset.

“Maybe we’re born with it” doesn’t apply here. Everyone can learn to be a more courageous leader, regardless of your job title. Courageous leadership helps to address issues like having hard conversations, perfectionism, imposter syndrome, and more. Join us for Dare to Lead™ to gain skills of courage that can change how you lead forever.
In this 50-minute workshop, we will learn about the four skill sets of courage, and dig into our own personal call to courage: where do you want to be a more courageous leader and how can we get there?

1. Rumbling With Vulnerability: Empathy is the antidote to shame. Recognize how shame shows up in your organization and learn empathy skills and other tools to lead with vulnerability.
2. Living into Our Values: Unclear values = no values. Clarify your values AND establish behaviors that operationalize your values.
3. BRAVING Trust: Psychological safety is the #1 predictor of productivity in teams. Learn how trust is built and destroyed in organizations, and what you can do to ensure trust in your team.
4. Learning to Rise: Avoiding difficult conversations is a key contributor to eroding cultures in organizations. Learn skills to have productive difficult conversations, emotional awareness and resilience, and how you can change the face of your workplace.

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