Conversation Series

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Manager Conversation Series

12 Episodes to help managers have conversations that matter

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Why this matters

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Managing in a hybrid or remote workforce makes culture creation very challenging;

Managers may want to engage their team beyond the functional but don’t know how;

Employee engagement (which leads to business results) is impacted significanty by the team climate/culture in which they work. (Gallup 2019). Managers set the culture in their team.

The Conversation Series help managers with practical step-by-step, easy to follow resources that help them have conversations that build a climate of engagement.

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What it entails

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Each Episode contains:

  • Read along guideThis tells you what to say, includes questions for discussion and any pre-email text! So managers have a “plug and play” solution with no extra effort.
  • Supportive Slides: Editable slides to accompany the notes that can be used on a digital platform or face to face, so that managers can learn skills to engage on a virtual platform or face to face.
  • Walk-through video: Introduction and overview of the session, lead by an Inspired Leadership facilitator so that managers get pointers and help to increase their comfort level.

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How can you use it

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Pay per manager for a once a month episode delivered to their email.
Buy the episodes outright for loading onto internal portals or intranet sites.
Customise episodes and create a fit-for-you Manager Conversation Series for your organisation.

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Watch the overview

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