Manager Conversation Series

12 Episodes to help managers have conversations that matter

Why this matters

Managing in a hybrid or remote workforce makes culture creation very challenging;

Managers may want to engage their team beyond the functional but don’t know how;

Employee engagement (which leads to business results) is impacted significanty by the team climate/culture in which they work. (Gallup 2019). Managers set the culture in their team.

The Conversation Series help managers with practical step-by-step, easy to follow resources that help them have conversations that build a climate of engagement.

What it entails

Each Episode contains:

  • Read along guideThis tells you what to say, includes questions for discussion and any pre-email text! So managers have a “plug and play” solution with no extra effort.
  • Supportive Slides: Editable slides to accompany the notes that can be used on a digital platform or face to face, so that managers can learn skills to engage on a virtual platform or face to face.
  • Walk-through video: Introduction and overview of the session, lead by an Inspired Leadership facilitator so that managers get pointers and help to increase their comfort level.

How can you use it

Pay per manager for a once a month episode delivered to their email.
Buy the episodes outright for loading onto internal portals or intranet sites.
Customise episodes and create a fit-for-you Manager Conversation Series for your organisation.

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